100G 2km QSFP28 CWDM4 Transceiver, 1064271003


The Molex QSFP28 100G-CWDM4 Optical Transceiver module assembly is a monolithic electronic and photonic module assembly containing four coarse wavelength division multiplexed lanes, each operating at data rates 25 Gbps. The optical interface of the module is a duplex LC connector and is compliant to the CWDM4 MSA specification. It provides an excellent solution for 100G data transmission over up to 2km single mode fiber.

Form Factor: QSFP28
Data Rate: 100G
Protocol: Ethernet               
Max Distance: 2km
Wavelength: CWDM4
Space: Datacom
  • Compliant to CWDM4 MSA Optical Specifications 
  • Operates at 25Gbps 
  • Up to 2km reach 
  • 1270nm/1290nm/1310nm/1330nm Wavelength 
  • Duplex LC optical connector 
  • Power 3.5W Maximum 
  • 3.3V Power Supply 
  • 4 x 25.78125GBd retimed electrical interface (IEEE 802.3bm CAUI-4) 
  • QSFP form factor, compliant to QSFP28 MSA Specifications SFF-8679 
  • 0 to 70ºC case temperature 
  • RoHS 6/6 Compliant 
  • Hot-Pluggable 
  • Programmable Rx Output Amplitude and Pre-emphasis 
  • Tx Input Equalizer 
  • Update EEPROM and firmware on line
  • Tx Squelch disable
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